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Mr. Raja Ram Gujrati Ji

Mr. Raja Ram Gujrati, the great architect of many lives, to whom the welfare of the downtrodden section of society is of paramount importance.

Mr. Raja Ram Gujrati puts the needs of the disadvantaged first, generously giving his time, money, and expertise to make the world a better place. He has contributed financially to social causes but also has committed his entire life, experience, and talent to make a difference.

In acknowledgment of his contribution to society in the last 5 decades, M.P. Government conferred on him many awards. C.M. Shivraj Singh Chouhan entrusted him with a handsome amount to support girls' education along with the responsibility of running a govt. school meant for underprivileged children. He also works for the green mission by participating in various ‘Green Bhopal’ programs. A life worth taking inspiration from, World Way International School is scaling new heights under his guidance and blessings.


Mr. Manohar Patidar

“Try, try, and live up to your dreams till you fetch the ultimate happiness.”

Chairman Sir`s mission in life is to mold children into the citizens of tomorrow, equipped with moral attributes, spiritual insights, and love for humankind with the application of the latest educational tools.

As a visionary, he has the power to transform the mindset and aptitude of educators to bring about the desired change.

He is a multitalented individual and plays the roles of social worker, advisor, caretaker, administrator, and counselor with excellence. His experienced guidance and dedication have made this institution reach new heights.


From The Principal's Desk

Mrs. Poonam Raizada

The school was founded by “Mahendra Shiksha Samiti” in 2004 and has completed its two decades and continues with the mission of supporting the students embark on a journey of lifelong learning, using the values and ideals imbibed during their school years.

WWIS captures the best of the learning of the new emerging world in combination with the Indian ethos. We endeavor to bring experiences in an engaging way to every student to metamorphose them into articulate and responsible global citizens, rooted firmly in humbleness and humanity. Our dedicated and caring educators teach our children, making learning enjoyable, purposeful, and inclusive, and shaping them to be emotionally intelligent.

Our students' accomplishments over the years and our reputation as one of the top schools in Bhopal, exemplify the relevance of our education model - a happy school that celebrates children's holistic development and well-being.

WWIS invites you to be part of our mission: providing an outstanding education for our children. We are committed to doing this every day and warmly welcome you to join us on this journey.

Our Patrons

Dr. Shikha Rastogi

Consultant, CBSE Counselor, (Academic Advisor)

Mrs. Sapna Sukal

Facilitator, Trainer, Consultant, founder – Edustart solutions (Co-curricular Advisor)