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Comprehensive Development

There is a wide selection of activities and clubs offered by the school which focus on both learning and leisure. These activities help to supplement academics, as well as give students practical experience for use in everyday life.

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Visit Chinar Park

Activity IX&XI

Activity IX & XI


Skating is as great as a cross training exercises having no specific boundation. It provides as completer aerobics workout and involves all the body muscles, especially the heart. It also has the effect on balance, agility, co-ordination as well as improved endurance which is quite demanded by the present generation. Students of WWIS do this enjoyable sport to develop the habit of fitness.

Instrumental Music

Music speaks the expression which soothes the mind and purifies the soul. In this heavily activity students acknowledge the art o instruments through different dynamics by exploring sounds, pitches, rhythms and notes. Simple classical pieces and traditional music are being praised by the students with the help of mentors who help them to form firm base.


Karate is an armed discipline which inherits employing kicking, striking and defensive blocking using arms and legs. It emphasizes on concentrating as much of the body’s power as possible at he point and instant of impact. Taiming, tactics and spirit is all needed to enhance the physical toughening through the activity. Students of different ages get to stimulate several techniques.


Yoga is a combination of physical , mental and spiritual practices which originated in ancient India. Yoga is counted as one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy. There is a broad variety of yoga practices that are being taught to the students to extend the physical as well as mental capabilities of the students.


WWIS provides an excellent platform for the students with an interest in developing their instrumental talent. The school band group performs at various functions of the school through out the year. The group practice and perfom using base drum, side drum, bigul, symbol biangle land flute along with jazz using jazz drums in a large assemble.


Dance is the set of expression of the body and soul to spread the positive impact. It helps finding greater stability and attaining stronger bonds though every movement of the floor. The Guru trains student to learn different postures and polish their style of dancing through this artistic activity.


To reintroduce and create as sense of excitement or magic among the children, drama activity establishes a creative outlet for theatrically minded student with the guidelines of Mr. Nitin Tejraj. This activity offers as wide horizon of acting sessions along with several expressions which are demanded to promote the self esteem and sense of emotions among the students.

Abacus activity

ABACUS is one of the best tool that enhances the concentration level of children. It is the fun loving activity for children for fast calculations in maths. It increases the overall ability in child.

Vedic Maths

Vedic mathematics is a collection of techniques, sutra to solve mathematical arithmetic’s in easy and faster way. It consist of 16 sutra and 13 sub-sutras which can be used for problems in solving are thematic, algebra & geometry. It helps students to solve mathematical numerical calculation in faster way.


Health Reef Club

It provides students with knowledge skill, capacities, values and enthusiasm towards healthy life style. Students learn meditation, table manners, stress management, cleanliness, healthy food habits, advantages of united families. Students explore a variety of things apart from studies.

Eloquence Club

It develops self efficiency and confidence in speaking and writing English as well as improves creative and literary life skills. Activities like dictionary reading, word building, spellathon, story telling, ad mad show, reading marathon, adjectives describing personalities, opposite adjectives, mono acting, formal-informal writing enhances the reading, writing skills and builds confidence for speaking flawless English.

Ecotiva Club

It motivates and stimulates young minds with the importance of environment protection and improvement. Students were taught and motivated to make newspaper bags from old used papers, colorful flowers from polythene, recycling methods of plastic bottles, making dry trash dustbin with old newspaper.

Leisure Club

To strive for the inner peace and freedom from the demands of excessive work, the club provides quality of experiences through the activities like gardening, meditation and other activities to cleanse the inner senses along with relaxation of he mental state of the students.

Science Maniac Club

To persuade the working to be effectively and efficiently, this club ensures that all students should acquire the knowledge, skill and behavior which is necessary to become productive as well as successful member of the society. The experiments related to measurement, taste bud testing, guess what will float, where does sand comes from, has been successfully conducted.

Cosmopolitan Club

To create and foster the spirit of understanding for different countries among the students, the cosmopolitan club aims to conduct an active session with students unfolding national international issues based on economic, cultures, civilization and diversities. Topics like working of U.N. general assembly and member countries along with the conditions of deprived states of India also known as BIMARU states and Indo-Pak relation had taken up by the club.

Creatick Club

The motto of creatick club is 3R’s-Reduce, Reuse and Recreate by minimum usage of resources, the club integrate, grow and polish the life skills of the students through practice. Students have made bookmarks, treasure box, doormat, gift wrap to a box and chalk box which was the most wonderful experience to them. Members made hundreds of Rakhi and sent them to the soldiers of KARGIL.

Mahendra Trang Club

It explains and promotes the well being of society in all aspects of their life through the provision of a wide spectrum of services that enables them to become as responsible citizen and part of society. Students were enlighten with knowledge of what are NGO’s? How do NGO’s work?

Auditory Club

It helps students to retain and enhance their own, individual love for music. Students were explained the proper chanting of “OM” and “Maha-mritunjaya mantra”. Also the healing power of “Shankh” and “Ghanti”. An up trending skill of cup song was also taught, which is the rhythematic thumping of claps and cups on the table or floor.